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These Targets take an enormous Beating!




A1 Hardcore 400, 450, & 500 Wear Plate

A-1 Alloys HardCore Wear Plate

HardCore AR500 is an abrasion resistant steel plate that offers outstanding wear and impact resistance along with fatigue and corrosion resistance. A-1 Alloys provides consistent, controlled quality so our HardCore AR steel plates perform consistently with no surprises

Thickness .88" - 2.5"
Carbon 0.31
Manganese 1.50
Phosphorus 0.025
Sulfur 0.015
Silicon 0.50
Chromium 0.87
Nickel 0.70
Molybdenum 0.35
Boron 0.003

Typical Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength 200 ksi
Tensile Strength 225 ksi
Elongation (% in 2") 12%



HardCore AR500 Specifications

477 - 550 BHN
Minimum surface hardness of 477 BHN. Core hardness 450 min BHN.

Impact Strength
CVNL average values 20ft. lbs at -40 F

Hardcore AR500 steel can be cut to your specifications with plasma, oxy-Acetylene, laser, and water jet, as well as with abrasive cut off saws.

Drilling, countersinking, counterboring, tapping, milling, and general machining can be done with conventional equipment and carbide tools.

HardCore AR500 steel plates are not formable given its high strength and hardness. However, forming can be done with an inside radius of at least 10t (where t is the plate thickness) with the bend axis transverse to the rolling direction.

Low-hydrogen-producing electrodes must be used in welding. Where the maximum strength of joining plates is not important, rod type AWS E7016, 15, or 18 should be used. If possible, 7018 and 8018 electrodes should be used with the 500 BHN steel. If the weld is to be subjected to wear, it may be capped with a hard facing electrode having a low hydrogen type coating. When higher weld strengths are required. electrodes of the AWS E90, E100, or E120 low hydrogen series should be used. Depending on the strength levels required.

Some common applications include:

  • Liners for Chutes, Hoppers, Loader Buckets, truck Beds, Crushers
  • Lips & Liners for Shovel Buckets, Drag Line Buckets, Cone Crushers
  • Jaw Crusher Cheek Plates
  • Transfer Points
  • High-heat Application – Cement Plates
  • Asphalt Plant Ductwork
  • Cutting Edges
  • Underground Miners
  • Screen Decks, Shaker Screens, Perforated Wear Screens
  • Pulp & Paper: Debarkers, Bark Conveyors, Wood Chip-pers, Screens