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A1 Alloys now offers custom metal and steel fabrication services complete with machining, cutting, and forming capabilities never before offered to our customers from a single manufacturing location. This evolution in service underscores A1 Alloys' commitment to providing the absolute highest level of quality, service, and products available in the wear resistant steel and metal products markets.

Recognized specialists in wear-resistant steel and metals fabrication, especially quenched & tempered steel, and 11-14% manganese steels. A1 Alloys' state-of-the-art in-house capacity is comprehensive, including all forms of cutting, processing, machining, and forming.

Shearing: A1 Alloys can shear ballisticaly approved armor plate and Q & T steel up to 40 UNHN on small parts, a minimum tolerance of +/-0.020 inches can be held. Our equipment routinely shears plate up to 144 inches wide and up to 3/8 inches thickness in 400 Brinell materials.

Flame Cutting: Flame cutting is process using fuel gasses and oxygen to cut metals. The process begins by the torch heating the metal to melting temperature; this turns the metal cherry red. Once the temperature is achieved, a pressurized stream of oxygen is then used to significantly increase the temperature of the metal and cut it. This process produces an oxide slag which is later removed from the material by tapping or grinding. At A1 Alloys our experienced burners can cut up to 12” thick material.  We flame cut plate to any desired length. For heavy plate burning, pre-heated and post-heating are our standard processes to assure clean cuts without stress cracking at the edges. At A1 Alloys, quality is the standard, not an option.

Plasma Cutting: Plasma cutting is a process of cutting metal using a plasma torch. The torch puts an inert gas under high pressure and blows it through a nozzle while at the same time creating an electrical arc. When the arc is created through by the torch nozzle and the material being cut it turns the gas into plasma. The plasma produces sufficient heat to cut the metal quickly and accurately. At A1 Alloys we have several standard shapes or by using our state of the art software, we can make custom shapes to fit any of our customers’ needs. Our state of the art nesting software ensures our customers get the most amount of parts that can be possibly nested out of each plate. This cuts material costs by a very significant factor. 

Heat Treating: For customers who require quenched or tempered plate we can stress-relieve or re-temper components after burning or fabricating. Quenching and tempering of alloy structural shapes up to 42 feet in length is done every day! Our furnace-quenching facilities work with heat treated steel plate and handle everything from angles and channels to wide flange beams.

Welding: Our capacity encompasses an entire range of manual and automated welding technologies, including TTG and MIG for manganese and other steel alloys. Pre-heating, full edge preparation and post-weld stress relieving are our standard processes, not expensive options.

Machining: Put A1 Alloys to the test. We manage it all, A1 Alloys can mill slots, thread holes, bevel, and chamfer even in tough wear resistant materials. We can take your products from design to finished parts in a hurry.

Forming: At A1 Alloys, precision work is our specialty. Our experienced team forms our full line of abrasion and impact-resistant materials to meet exact customer specifications.

Punching: Punching is the process of using a punch and die to create a hole in the material. The material is secured on a hardened steel die and the punch press forces a tool, called a punch, through the material leaving a specified hole. This process is similar to shearing. At A1 Alloys we have several punch sizes and configurations to complete your order.

Band Saw Cutting: We can cut up to 31-1/4” Wide by 37-1/2” High!
Band saw cutting is a process of cutting metal using a blade made of a continuous band of metal with cutting teeth on one side. The band moves around two rotating wheels and produces an even straight cut. We are capable of mitre cutting, bullet nose cutting, large quantities, or just one piece.

Waterjet Cutting: Waterjet cutting is a method of cutting all types of materials by combining a stream of water at a high pressure and velocity with an abrasion material. We use a special garnet for cutting Abrasion & Impact Resistant materials. Waterjet cutting produces no “heat affected zone” because no high heat is produced in the cutting process, which can change the intrinsic properties of the metal being cut. It is considered a “green” technology by producing no hazardous waste. Additionally, the process eliminates airborne contaminates, fumes and smoke. Our waterjet machines are capable of cutting material up to 6” thick.

Drilling: A1 Alloys Steel drills and countersinks holes from 1/4 inch to 5 inches in diameter...even through15 inch thick plate. Using leading-edge technology, we deliver fast, efficient, and exact drilling finishes, even in hard-to-machine wear-resistant materials. Using a drill press, material is secured down and positioned precisely to ensure the holes are drilled at specified locations. At this point a mechanical drill with the proper drill bit size attached is lowered and cuts a hole into the material. With a wide range of sizes we are capable of handling your metal drilling needs.

Sawing: Rotary carbide saw capability handles all manganese rounds up to 4 inches in diameter.


A1 Alloys can Fabricate your Products to specification and maintain the Quality, Value, & Expediency that you expect and deserve!